Welcome to the home of “Stories Aching To Be Told.” We are a technologically advanced oasis of creativity, nestled in a 105-year-old classic cinema in Arlington (Boston), MA. We’re a live event with an online platform, so enjoy a local feel while your film enjoys a global reach. We’re brewing our next batch of magic, and you could be the ingredient that makes this year’s festival another smashing success! 

Our prizes include showcases for Worldwide Buyers at Cannes, cutting-edge, artist-friendly websites and apps, and prominent placement on a new crowdfunding platform, amongst other amazing gems.

Our amazing Sponsors and Marketing Partners include Acorns, a new investment app that lets people automatically invest spare change from debit and credit card purchases, Designware, the world’s first visual editor for both websites and Apps, Hourglass24, a new crowdfunding platform that launches 24-hour campaigns,  The Lonely Seal Company Group, which includes this festival, Lonely Seal Streaming and Lonely Seal Releasing, Final Draft, the world’s premier screenwriting software, PageCraft, screenwriting workshops, coaching and services, and The Regent Theater, providing 105 years of cinema bliss. Our sponsors help us help you thrive far beyond our festival dates, so, explore our Films, Screenplays, Music, Outreach, Archives, Prizes and Reviews, then submit your awesomeness!