Welcome to The Lonely Seal International Film, Screenplay & Music Festival, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to showcasing "stories aching to be told." We are proud to announce our festival has been chosen to present one of the prestigious  "Cinema Without Borders" awards, which will be announced at our Arlington, MA,  festival in August 2024.

Our festival is at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA, August 20-25, 2024. We will showcase thought-provoking cinema, including spotlights on Women, LGBTQIA, Disabled, Minority, and Indigenous creators and their stories. We'll also present Comedies, Dramas, and much more. If you've got a story "aching to be told," we want to experience it.  

Live music, screenwriting/stageplay events, career-enhancing seminars,  and parties are vital components. Additionally,  we have screenings in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Paris, France, scheduled in 2024.  We are a "Top 100 Festival" on FilmFreeway, and our five-star reviews put us in the top 1% worldwide.

Coverfly, Final Draft, and Hourglass24 sponsor the Lonely Seal International Film, Screenplay & Music Festival.  We thank them deeply for their support. 


2023 Festival Winners

Below are our 2023 winners who attended our award ceremony at the Regent Theatre in Arlington.

Film Winners 

Grand Prize

Trauma Bond, by Jiana Cipriano

Trauma Bond (USA 33:33) A dark coming-of-age short film based on a true story. A girl's night between two best friends turns dark after one of them invites a mysterious newcomer who promises emotional salvation.

Best Feature Film 

Cautionary Tale, by Christopher Zawadzki


Cautionary Tale (USA 1:27:00) After a tragic loss,  a children's T.V. show host attempts to find solace in Bangkok after meeting the singer of an all-girl Thai rock band.

Audience Award Winner

Finding Faith, by Tajoura Davis and Tom Anastasi

Finding Faith (USA 1:24:33) Trissa's faith is shaken to the core, and she questions all she's been taught about God and if her prayers even matter.

Best Documentary Feature Film

Sloane: A Jazz Singer by Michael Lippert

Sloane: A Jazz Singer (USA 1:36:00) Filmed days before her final live recording in New York City, jazz legend Carol Sloane reflects on her storied but largely unknown career involving everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to The Rolling Stones.  Through rare archival footage, intimate moments with Sloane, and enlightening commentary from industry notables, we learn of this singular artist’s adherence to her passion against all odds.

Best Documentary Short Film 

The Vanishing Strings of the Andes, by Sam Watkins

The Vanishing Strings of the Andes (Spain 12:51) An age-old generational craft is on the verge of extinction; this is the story of Ecuador’s guitar road.

Best Short Film 

[Subtext] by Erin Brown Thomas

[Subtext] (USA 10:50) Two people attempt to mask their insecurities on a first date. 

Best Short Film - Honorable Mention

Crarylake Boats and Floats, by Spencer Theilmann and Emily Berge

Crarylake Boats & Floats (USA 7:40) Lane hopes to wait out her shift by getting high and avoiding the rain. But Cara throws her plans into chaos.

International Awards

Best International Film 

Unthinkable Conversations by Emma Richardson

Unthinkable Conversations (U.K. 9:46) Amy and Jack face the reality that the only way to save two of their three children is to sell one of them.

Film Accessible Winners

Best Film Accessible Film 

Slanted Perspectives: My Life With SMA, by Aaron Phelps

Slanted Perspectives: My Life With SMA (USA 3:52) Aaron Phelps overcomes immeasurable obstacles.

Indigenous Film Winners

Best Indigenous Film 

The Big Idea: Indigenous Robotics, by Sarah Klein and Tom Mason


The Big Idea: Indigenous Robotics (USA 19:23) Ojibwe native Danielle Boyer makes it her mission to create free robot kits for Indigenous youth.

We want to thank Final Draft and Coverfly for their support!

Screenplay Winners

Grand Prize Feature Film Screenplay

Iris (of the Sea) by JP Livingston


Best Feature Film Screenplay 

Lock Her Up, by Elizabeth Ann Searle


Best Feature Screenplay Honorable Mention

Gregory G. Allen, Hiding in Daylight

Best Teleplay

Dawn Davis, for Cheat Out

Best Short Screenplay 

Reality Bytes, by Jonathan Hammond


Play/Musical Winner

Best Play/Musical

Sara Dinga, Breaker Lane


Music Awards

Best Music Video - Bettina Campomanes for Su Lee, Super Happy

Best Song - The Atomik Age Project, for Back to 1964


Best Composition - Christopher Zawadski for Cautionary Tale